Ongoing collection started in 2013.

Millimeter graph paper of different manufacturers.

Constituted from my collection of milimeter graph paper of different colors, Aurora aims to affirm a reality where a singular object would be only exception. A sheet of graph paper is a basic tool that embodies a marker, a standard. Here its exactitude and uniformity are disturbed - its only subjective characteristic is emphasized: color. In fact, the color of the lines vary depending on the manufacturer.


Sheets of different papers superimposed every 5 cm, produce a drawing of light color gradient. Its shape and length change from one exhibition to another, as the collection evolves.

Pour tuer le mal, exhibition view, Maubert gallery, Paris, France.

Jeune Création, exhibition view, le Centquatre, Paris, France.

Moscow in the Spring, exhibition view, galerie du Crous, Paris, France.

© Elizaveta Konovalova 2020