Video, sound | loop

Kaliningrad, 2015.

The video is a looped static plan: faint light, shadows of trees, sounds of rare cars. The landscape hardly reveals itself, making it difficult to have a clear notion of space where it happens.


The camera fixes a glass surface, frontally.

Red and white headlights of passing cars are refracted, clinging to cracks. Quick flashes illuminate a spiderweb pattern of a broken glass.


We are facing a window in the stairwell of an apartment house, showing traces of bullets. We are in Kaliningrad city center, 12 Gorky street, it is april 2015. Yet, the image is not attached to a specific place, and this knowledge remains off screen. As well as the origin of these bullet holes. The real story is unknown, so it becomes one of the possible stories.


Stars - water striders - tracer bullets - Christmas tree : the abstraction of the plan tends towards various associations, balancing between contemplation and anxiety. Calm and aggression, everyday life and war merge together and coexist in this image, superimposed as a filter on the view from the window.

© Elizaveta Konovalova 2020