"Brick" shade by different manufacturers - industrial paint, purchased in local building stores. 

Project accomplished in collaboration with Ekaterina Vasilyeva during the residency at La Malterie, Lille, France. 

Peinture murale : in french this combination of words means both "paint for walls" and "wall painting".

This work has been a part of bigger research project, dedicated to the city of Lille, and particularly the area of Wazemmes, where the residency was situated.

The shape of triangle is ubiquitous in the architecture of working quaters of Lille, such as Wazemmes. The houses are traditionnaly built in red brick, but are also commonly painted over to increase moisture resistance - in "brick" color. 

We imagined a combination of the characteristic palette and motif as a form of paysage, responding to the local context. The painting was created site-specific in the room of La Malterie with a view of Wazemmes roofs. 

To create this wall composition we used several industrial colors of "brick" shade from different brands of wall paint. 

© Elizaveta Konovalova 2020