Rolls of carpet cut to the actual dimensions of streets, that the exhibition space could possibly contain.

Here : seven streets of Paris (rue de l’Abbé Migné (17,80m*6m); passage Beaufils (10m*3m); sentier Briens (15m*4m); rue Clémence Royer (13m*6m); rue des Degrès (5,75m*3,30m); passage Julien Lacroix (14m*4,5m); passage Vérité (11m*4m).

Installation at Jean-Luc Vilmouth's studio at ENSBA, Paris, diploma exhibition. 

Imagining this space to be large enough to hold a street of Paris, my researches have led me to a selection of seven Parisian streets that, hypothetically, could perfectly fit in the space of the studio. The installation shows the contrast between the miniature aspect of these routes in the scale of the city and at the same time their monumentality in an interior space.

The project can be adapted to various interiors. The selection of streets is than determined by the capacity of the exhibition space.

© Elizaveta Konovalova 2020