Elizaveta Konovalova - San Francisco

Project achieved between 2016 and 2018 after the residency at ZARYA center for contemporary art (Vladivostok, Russia). 

Elizaveta Konovalova - The end of the asphalt
Photographic series. Images collected during two trips to Vladivostok : september 2015 and september 2016, during the residency at ZARYA center for contemporary art.
Elizaveta Konovalova - Persimfans

Ongoing series, started in 2016. Photographic documentation of marks, left by musical instruments and furniture of street musicians on the floor of parisian subway.

Elizaveta Konovalova - Soot

Ongoing series, started in 2014. Photographic documentation of marks, formed by ashes of cigarettes, regularly stubbed out against walls in public spaces.

Elizaveta Konovalova - Impact
Video, loop.
Filmed in 2015 in Kaliningrad, Russia.
Elizaveta Konovalova - Compass
Video, loop.
2015, Moscow, Russia. 
Elizaveta Konovalova - Ghost

 Book made of reproductions of pages of “Les Vieux Hôtels de Paris”, albums discovered at the public library of the Centre Pompidou, Paris.



Elizaveta Konovalova - Altstadt

Vestiges of red bricks collected on the shores of the Elbe river. Work accomplished during five weeks of residency in Hamburg, Germany.


Elizaveta Konovalova - Wetterseite

Tree branch, with leafs dried in the direction of the wind. Work made during the residency at Frise Künstlerhaus, Hamburg, Germany.


Elizaveta Konovalova - Zima

Plastiline. Shades, obtained by mixing of three colors - white, black and brown.


Elizaveta Konovalova - The Whistle

 Performance led from the 1st to the 12th of July 2013 at the residency of the National Center for Contemporary Art in Kronstadt, Russia. 

Elizaveta Konovalvoa - Aurora

Collection of millimeter graph paper of different manufacturers.

Ongoing since 2013.

Elizaveta Konovalova - Winter

Pencil wall drawing. Site specific work at the former thermal cure centre at Nairs, Switzerland, 2012.

Elizaveta Konovalvoa - Mindmap
Project accomplished in collaboration with Ekaterina Vasilyeva during the residency at La Malterie (Lille, France), 2011.
Elizaveta Konovaova - Inn Diary

Photographic diary of the river Inn, led between august and september 2012 during the residency at Nairs.

Elizaveta Konovalova - Roads

Rolls of carpet cut to the actual dimensions of streets, that the exhibition space could possibly contain, 2010.

Elizaveta Konovalova - Black and White

Snow of different shades, collected on the streets of Moscow. Ephemeral intervention at the Ekaterininsky park, 2011.

Elizaveta Konovalova - Golden Boy | Golden Girl
Ephemeral intervention inside the elevators of Cooper Union school of art building, New York, USA. 
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